Call of Duty is more fun with friends, how can the Call of Duty companion app create social features to keep players engaged with the game and each other?
My Role:
Project Manager
UI Designer
UX Researcher
Julia Engfer
Drew Hemnes
Tools Used:

Illustrator, XD, Photoshop

Miro, Zoom, Google Suite

Chance Statement:
We are creating interactions in Squads in order to have Squad-Members play together and achieve their rewards from the weekly challenges.
Interactive Final Prototype


Stake Holder Interviews
Being able to interview the Activision Companion App Team helped us determine any pain points that the stakeholders might be having
I then created a One Sheet to help me gather any thoughts and findings from the interview.
“Call of Duty is more fun  friends, how can we create social features to keep players engaged with the game and each other"
-Stake holder
Product Review
It was very important that I conducted a personal product review of the game Call of Duty. I was not a player of the game and wanted to acquaint myself with a product that I would be designing for. I played Warzone with fellow friends over the console and familiarized myself with the game. 
October 10th, 2020
(Call of Duty: Warzone)
This week when I played COD I got out of the gulag by myself with one headshot kill with a sniper. I also lost in the gulag with a one-shot kill and the weapon was hand combat so that was a shocker and very confusing. I look forward to next week's games.

September 23rd, 2020
(Call of Duty: Warzone)
This week when I played Call of Duty I played the campaign and was helping my friend unlock a new weapon. For me, the controls are the hardest to learn. When I play playing this match I focused on the head function I got a lot more familiar with only moving the joystick left and right and only up and down for when I need to pick stuff up. I killed a lot of people (lol oh no) and my friend was impressed I never used the aim feature. I can't wait to get better not gonna lie.
After the stakeholder interviews, independent research, and gameplay. We came to the conclusions we had a hand full of topics we needed to narrow down. We conducted secondary research to educate ourselves on the topics we came across. 
Secondary Research
We needed to educate ourselves on the pain point that we came across with users and the stakeholders
- User traffic to the app
- Playing online with friends
- In app communication
- Game statues
- In app weekly challenge rewards
We also conducted:
Competitive Analysis
Heuristic Evaluation
Domain Expert Interviews:
​​​​​​​At the begging of the project, I had trouble connecting to the prompt because I was not a user of the Call of Duty Companion App or the game. Hearing this really helped me understand how to be useful in this project.
We had the chance to conduct a Zoom interview and discussion with experts in the gaming industry. With the information, we gathered from these expert professionals, we were able to take our handful of concepts and focus on the most important and relevant.
“If you don't connect with gaming and/or game... Approach this job as something that you can come in, solve a problem, find a path, and then walk away"
-Domain Expert
Target Audience Interviews:
“I Play video games to play with my friends, not to worry about the stats of my game play."​​​​​​​
-Sam S.

We sought out and interviewed players of Call of Duty to gather more insight about their experiences.

Discord Research with COD Gamer
We had a lot of information that we collected from research. This provided us with a lot of concepts. We decided to do some of our own expert research. Drew took to youtube to watch some Companion App tutorials and sent some to me. I saw that the creator was advertising his Discord server. So I took to Discord and started having conversations with the members about the Companion app and took notes about their experiences and from their interviews we were able to discover pain points. 

Card Sort for Food Insecurity: Jam Board

Concept Development:
We created XD Screens to show our proposed concepts present our ideas for the new features that would be in the Call Of Duty Companion App. 
Midterm Pitch: "Poke"
This is our midterm presentation we showed to Activision along with fellow class groups. From this presentation, Activision picked the most feasible and or what interested them most.
Poke is a feature where you are able to ask or notify fellow players when you wish to play.
Next Steps/ Results
Since presenting our concepts to Activision we have received feedback from them. we will be gaining another group to collaborate on a final concept for Activision. 
What Worked?
I am very proud of the XD Screens we created for the midterm. Creating the screens helped show our concepts in a streamlined way.
What Worked?
We had a handful of concepts that we have discovered through research. Next time we need to find our most important concept faster so we have time to develop the concept.
What will you do next time?
The research we did with the Youtube CoD player and his discord was very helpful and a very good resource for us. I wish we did that sooner 
XD Assets:

Color Chart


Icons we created from the COD Campaign app to elivate our Hi-Fi prototype.


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